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Hello, people!

We have started the first project: A PUPPET (DOLL) WHO KNOWS A LOT ABOUT THE WARM-UP

As you all already know, our warm-up is divided into 3 parts:
1. Joint mobility
2. Activation
3. Games

Our puppets will show HOW TO DO A GOOD WARM-UP by:
– Having its joints and parts of the body tagged (in english, of course)
– Showing photographs of the «joint mobility» exercises
– Having a magic pocket/bag/briefcase/folder with a lot of games

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In adittion, we will show our exercises and games on the new blogs =)
1ºESO A, 1º ESO C, 1º ESO E, 1º ESO G

If you need a dictionary, use this one: http://www.wordreference.com/es/

Here you can find the vocabulary for your puppet:

Print this template to prepare your games, save them inside your doll’s pocket and write a post on your class’ blog.

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