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Welcome to my blog, my brave students from 4ESO!

In this post, you will find help and instructions for our first project: #PlayOut

As you all know, WORKOUT means exercise, what you do when you train. We’re going to substitute the word «work» for PLAY, since we will treat our learning about workout as a game: shuffling exercises and discovering training systems. In addition, «to play out» means to progress, to evolve.

When talking about physical qualities, STRENGTH is basic: you need it to work your endurance,
balance, speed, flexibility, agility, coordination… so it’s going to be the main learning for us in this project.

What is HIIT, TABATA, CROSSFIT…? Why are they so popular nowadays and what are their benefits? We’ll discover these things together (and sweating, of course)

Here you are some helpful resources for you to find exercises and videos from brave and challenging people!


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This is the worksheet you will use to design your HIIT WODs, to train with the no-bilingual group and to evaluate your work:

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