A gym is not needed for getting fit. Our ancestors kept theirselves «in shape» without joining a training/wellness/health center.
No more excuses for starting your workouts everywhere! Live an active life!

As we have mentioned in class, strength is the most important physical quality to be worked. Endurance is strength, speed is strength, balance is strength…

The very first part of any attempt of starting to train is knowing how we are, where the point is in the beginning of the path, cause EVERY SINGLE PERSON (AND BODY) IS DIFFERENT.

So, in this project, the first step is setting specific targets to fix our lacks/deficiencies. From the last tests we have done in class (viagra sicuro online) and (Bunkie test for the CORE) , you have to analyze the results and choose your targets from the next table:

Once you have chosen your specific targets according to your lacks/deficiencies in your tests, it’s time for you to prepare your COMPENSATORY WORKOUT by looking for exercises to remedy those lacks. Don’t forget to point each exercise’s aim and to be sure the description/how to is shown. You will have to use at least 3 different sources (websites, books, magazines, videos, pictures…)

After that, it’s time for improving: as we are doing in class, you need to select exercises TO BE FITTER. Starring: strength, of course! Be original and try to get fun from it! They have to be global exercises to work big muscles using the whole body without materials!

Here you have HELP: sources for getting inspired

Do you want to know how to get the points for the mark in this first term? Have a look:

Deadline: tuesday, december 11th

Remember you can do this learning however you want. Say hello to creativity! 

I’m looking forward to seeing your workouts on your new blog!

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