Tomorrow, next Monday, next week… procrastination and excuses for avoiding the start of a new resolution… How long are you going to wait for the perfect time?

It’s January, we have had a long rest during holidays and it’s urgent we learn how to face physical activity and health challenges (you won’t attend PE classes from next year)


Motivation experts, like Daniel Pink, say that we need some ingredients to build a motivating experience: autonomy, mastery and purpose.

And because of that, I’ve designed a project to challenge ourselves during this term. Every single person is deciding different challenges/resolutions according to this category:

CHANGE a habit: nutrition or physical activity, something healthier for your life.

HELP someone to achieve his/her resolution. His/her success will be your success as well.

ADVANCE / IMPROVE something you want to do better.

LEARN something new. (Josh Kaufman says that we can learn anything in 20 intense hours)

LOVE yourself by taking time for something you are afraid of or something you love doing.

I know you need some inspiration and ideas, so I’ve prepared some vids and pics through QR codes 😉


We all know motivation can decrease, so we’ll get ready for this project by preventing the «giving-up» moment: search at least one motivating video and collect motivating images on a Pinterest board.

After this, it’s time for planning the time (PE classes and free time) and… JUST DO IT!!! Let’s see if your self is chiller and better when you finish the project.

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