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Dear students in 4ºESO:

The four elements Comenius project would like you to show our geographical area through PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES =) This activity can be useful for starting with the spanish program (next february).

The final product will be AN INDIVIDUAL  PRESENTATION OF YOURSELF showing physical activities related to the element you have chosen (1minute 30seconds – 3minutes).

1. Make 4 groups in every single bilingual group (1 per element: fire, water, wind and earth)
2. Think of the different physical activities related to your element
3. Decide the places you will use for practising (and recording yourselves) the different activities. The group is made for working together in the preparatives. Where will you go? Will you need permissions for recording or practising some activities? Solve the problems (you can ask for help, of course!)
4. Structure your presentation (format: video, glogster, song, prezi…), (contents: who will appear, what you will say…) (background: not only the beautiful landscapes of the area, but music is also important), (devices: good quality of images and sound can be really important)
5. Record! Prepare! Edit! And, please, BE ORIGINAL =)
6. Upload your final presentation to SkyDrive

DEADLINE: april 20th (sunday)

Two really meaningful things:
– Not only will you get a mark in english but COMENIUS STUDENTS WILL VOTE FOR 4 STUDENTS TO VISIT TURKEY!!! (21-25 of april will be the voting period)
– You have the opportunity to advertise your candidacy and meet Comenius students via Twitter!!! Use the hashtag #acrossLepe to chat and sell yourself!

The contest has started! Your creativity is welcome!


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