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I’m really amazed about the contests results: we are now ready for more complex things in PE cause we have practised autonomy, teamwork, creativity, service learning and, of course cause WE HAVE MADE WONDERFUL MISTAKES =)

The challenge was ambitious: to perform a movement contest in group for the rest of the class to play it (and to enjoy it).

We previously trained to design circuits and games with different materials including more and more new movements: we had to draw maps (orienteering), make decisions in group (linguistic skills, assertiveness), inspire from TV programs and video games and discover possible requirements for a contest, analyze other groups’ contests (thinking skills), review the vocabulary with classmates’ vids, explain the circuit in front of the camera…

Awesome designs and drawings of the material distribution but mess when organizing 25 classmates… original scripts but misunderstanding explanations… responsible presenters but irresponsible demonstrators… a lot of fun materials, but unhelpful classmates… Such is life! We applauded the good points and detected the improvable aspects.

As an external observer and guide, I must say they have improved a lot on problem solving and on working for others to enjoy. In addition, the requirements of their contests (materials, movements, bonus, punishments, limits, forks and spoilers cards) were fully included in the contests almost in all the groups. They fulfilled my ambitious objectives and they also showed the necessary emotions to realize they were learning!

Here you are an exhibition of some moments during the contests: I won’t forget the nerves on edge, the whispering comments ear to ear, the surprises, the laughs, the growing respect when someone needed to speak, the tears because of the disappointment, the prizes hidden inside a treasure box…

No doubt… I’d repeat this experience!

Thanks to all my students!!! They don’t need me for playing different games, setting a punctuation system or designing an experience with different materials! Amazing!



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