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  The rEFerent project was born from two Physical Education teachers on the go. They are really willing to learn from other colleagues: Meritxell Monguillot (@MMonguillot) and Lluis Almirall (@llalmirall). Their work makes themselves referent so that they have many followers inspired for improving education. In … Continuar


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Do you remember the PowerBalance wristbands? They were supposed to give you more strength and balance. But somebody decided to test the bracelets and the results say us that they were only a placebo. Read here an article about the … Continuar

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Here you have the official webpage of the European Universities Games, which will be celebrated in Córdoba next summer! You don’t have any excuses to participate! Y si habéis cumplido los 16 años antes del 1 de Enero de 2012, … Continuar


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GoogleCalendar to share your sport and physical activities events with all your high school mates IS AVAILABLE! You should have received an invitation to the calendar «alumnos de Gloria Herrero», which you must accept. In order to create an event … viagra new orleans


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This blog has been created to be a guide and a place of useful resources for my PE pupils during our course together.   We will share experiences and work and, above all,  we will learn a lot from each … Continuar


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Today, in New York City, 42,195 km!!! What a beautiful race! I encourage you to find more news and videos about this athletics discipline! NYC MARATHON 2011 you have Eurosport news about it!