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What an intense term in Andújar!!!

When I arrived at this high school I felt excited because of the spaces: at least I could enjoy an indoor gym and a big outdoor playground! Students also seemed to be willing to learn…

First proposals for adapting as fastest as we could:

– Regarding the «formal» elements: to organize materials and order new items -carts for carrying PE stuff, plugs in the playground for listening to music there, boards for pinning our learning evidences and warnings, a projector for a renovated «cinema» space, holes for volleyball posts, more homemade baskets, a «jail» with wheels for protecting our sound system, new locks for the cupboards and hooks for hanging hoops…-, to clean the PE office and the gym regularly, to provide WiFi access for our spaces and to change the breaks/recess time activities…

– In relation to students, I found people used to follow instructions (autonomy off), with a good level of english and willing to start practicing.

Once we have finished the first term (and although we don’t have the new materials yet), I’m happy with the results in almost all the groups (250 students).

I want to thank my students for the effort to adapt to my way of PE (I know my proposals seem crazy at the beginning and they can’t imagine how they will finish) and to all the staff in the high school for helping us by providing materials, fixing things and solving problems. Changes are uncomfortable at the beginning, but I feel we have got used to one another and are now ready for coming up with more crazy experiences.

Three months for getting used to don’t need me when working and learning, for discovering and trying, deciding and adapting…

Preparing Halloween was really fun for 2A students and experiencing it was exciting for 1A and 1B: customs, surprises, spiders, darkness, tunnels…

The visit of Miguel Ángel and Simón, two olympic champions was remarkable and unique.

We also participated on the «Non-stop swimming and cycling marathon» in Andújar’s sport center for caring needy people.

And we have lived a strong CHANGE during the breaks: #quesepegue has provided more activation and fun to the high school.

Good progression for only three months!

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