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Hello my strong pupils! I know you are getting ready to advertise the strength around you and to invite people to join our exercises and WODs in order to become healthier! Some Twitter users are trying to do the same: … Continuar


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Big welcome to my new bilingual students in IES Alhambra! (Image from: http://gloriaherrero.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/Masswelcomemat.jpg)     In this blog, you will find info about the classes, resources for training, help for your learning and experiences with some other classmates and Physical Education … Continuar


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That’s how bilingual teachers in IES Néstor Almendros have worked together during this course using Information and Communication Technologies. There was a really special moment in January, when we celebrated «Peace Day» with an exciting mission: making 1000 origami cranes. … Continuar


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LUNES: BALONCESTO Y PRIMEROS AUXILIOS MARTES: FÚTBOL-TENIS Y GIMNASIA ACROBÁTICA MIÉRCOLES: VOLEIBOL Y BAILE MODERNO JUEVES: AEROBIC Y MAQUILLAJE-PEINADOS VIERNES: MALABARES Y PATINAJE Sólo los monitores más valientes de 1ºBachillerato se quedan para  seguir contagiando al instituto con todas estas actividades.  … Continuar