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Welcome to my blog, my brave students from 4ESO! In this post, you will find help and instructions for our first project: #PlayOut As you all know, WORKOUT means exercise, what you do when you train. We’re going to substitute … Continuar


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Hello, people! We have started the first project: A PUPPET (DOLL) WHO KNOWS A LOT ABOUT THE WARM-UP As you all already know, our warm-up is divided into 3 parts: 1. Joint mobility 2. Activation 3. Games Our puppets will … Continuar


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  The rEFerent project was born from two Physical Education teachers on the go. They are really willing to learn from other colleagues: Meritxell Monguillot (@MMonguillot) and Lluis Almirall (@llalmirall). Their work makes themselves referent so that they have many followers inspired for improving education. In … viagra strips australia

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El proyecto rEFerentes nace de dos profesores de Educación Física inquietos por aprender de otros compañeros: Meritxell Monguillot (@MMonguillot) y Lluis Almirall (@llalmirall). Su trabajo sí que constituye un referente y, como tal, ya son muchos los que les siguen de cerca … Continuar


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La web «Sport and Social Media» dedicó un post a nuestro proyecto #quesepegue el pasado 13 de mayo.  Esta web nos acerca ejemplos de aplicaciones y utilidades de diferentes tecnologías para promover la actividad física y el deporte. Podéis seguirlos … Continuar


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Algunos alumnos de 1º Bachillerato B del IES Alhambra decidieron tomárselo en serio para empezar a entrenar. Aquí está la muestra: – Roberto López – Cristina Ros – Lydia Gijón – Marta Gonzalez


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That’s how creative and awesome pupils from 4ºESOA IES Alhambra tried to encourage and motivate people to start working out. Different ideas to catch target people’s attention and make the WOD viral for them! – Meemassport: a big movement taken really … Continuar