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Algunos alumnos de 1º Bachillerato B del IES Alhambra decidieron tomárselo en serio para empezar a entrenar. Aquí está la muestra: – Roberto López – Cristina Ros – Lydia Gijón – Marta Gonzalez


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That’s how creative and awesome pupils from 4ºESOA IES Alhambra tried to encourage and motivate people to start working out. Different ideas to catch target people’s attention and make the WOD viral for them! – Meemassport: a big movement taken really … Continuar


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Pupils from 1ºBachillerato IES Alhambra did that well in compensating their lacks and designing a bodyweight workout: – Mohammed Chaouich – María Aguilera – Sandra Cózar – Candela Morales – David Peinado – Alejandra García Just a few mistakes to … Continuar